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   "Highlight text editor and very simple viewer and player of today's most popular file formats: Html, Audio (mp3, wav,...), Video, Graphics, MS Office (MS Word, Excel), Resources (exe, dll)."

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Tags: viewer, player, editor, mpplayer, videoplayer, bmp, jpg, ico, wmf, gif, ani, doc, rtf, xls, mp, mid, wav, rmi, midi, avi, mov, mpg, mpeg, dat, exe, dll, Tags: mp3, avi, editor, gif, wav, mpeg, jpg, bmp, exe, mpg, midi, mov, doc, rtf, ico, wmf, xls, dat, mid, ani
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1 Instant OfficeView 1)    1 Instant OfficeView
 Instant OfficeView is a virtual in-out board that does not need a central server to operate. It is easy to install and requires no administration. It has an optional presence detector which indicates ...
License:Shareware USD 20.00 Size:0.3 MB

10 Hour Schedules for 5 Days a Week 2)    10 Hour Schedules for 5 Days a Week
 An employee shift scheduling package that including 101 different 10 hour scheduling templates to cover 1, 2 or 3 shifts a day for 5 days a week. Quite often businesses need to add or subtract staff t...
License:Shareware USD 79 Size:0.40 MB

AcQuest 1120 Solution 2007 3)    AcQuest 1120 Solution 2007
 AcQuest 1120 Solution 2007 is designed to run on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, & Vista. It will prepare the four pages of federal Form 1120, U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return, Sch D, 4562, 4797, 7004, & De...
License:Shareware USD 25.00 Size:11.23 MB
Tags: accounting, tax, income

AcQuest HQ Depreciation 4)    AcQuest HQ Depreciation
 AcQuest HQ Depreciation is designed to run on Windows 95, 98, Me, XP. & Vista. The unregistered version will calculate federal and GAAP depreciation, with the unregistered version limitation that open...
License:Shareware USD 40.00 Size:3.89 MB Download AcQuest HQ Depreciation

CogeXP 5)    CogeXP
 Software contabile multiaziendale, adatto per elaborazioni contabili effettuate dallo studio per conto terzi o dalle aziende stesse che intendono gestire in proprio le attivita' amministrative/contabi...
License:Freeware  Size:14.99 MB

Cub Editor for MS Access 6)    Cub Editor for MS Access
 Cub Editor is an MS Access Report formatting wizard that allows MS Access developers, or end-users to easily create or modify attractive report layouts based on existing tables or queries. Cub Editor ...
License:Shareware USD 35.95 Size:0.51 MB Download Cub Editor for MS Access

CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler 7)    CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler
 CyberMatrix Employee Scheduler is a simple to use single or multi-user application for creating and managing employee schedules. Employee schedule administrators can save time by using Employee Schedu...
License:Commercial USD 100 Size:3.98 MB

Digital Indicators Generator 8)    Digital Indicators Generator
 The program Digital Indicators Generator is a program implementing synthesis algorithm of digital FIR-filter in accordance with Parks-McGlellan algorythm. By user's choise synthesized filter is automa...
License:Shareware USD 138 Size:2.50 MB

EasyCAD 9)    EasyCAD
 EasyCAD Iris 2D is the room visualization software to carry out your floor and wall tile patterns for interiors, exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms. With EasyCAD 2D online you can: - create new laying ...
License:Freeware USD 0 Size:1.14 MB

ExlPlan Pro 10)    ExlPlan Pro
 Business plan projections for new/larger businesses (e.g. sales above $1 m). Ideal for preparing business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Based on user's assumptions, Exl-Plan...
License:Shareware USD 129 Size:3.47 MB Download ExlPlan Pro

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