20 Best Remote Control Candles iOS Apps

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1) Remote Control :TV/AC remote

Remote Control :TV/AC remote remote control candles
The remote control function of this software is made on infrared, since iphone don`t have built-in infrared transmitter, you will have to get external infrared controller for your iphone.With the help of Remote Control, you can use your mobile phone to control all kinds of infrared appliances. The software database can support electrical appliances of over 6,000 brands and more than 80,000 remote controls, which can be used where internet is not available.Install Remote Control now, you will not need find your remote control at the angle of the sofa any more. ==Kinds of electrical appliances under control ==Air conditioner ... (Free)By Shubin Wu via

2) MAGic Remote - TV remote control

MAGic Remote - TV remote control remote control candles
You don`t need to look for your remote control to switch the channel anymoreControl your set-top box of MAG series by single tap on your iPhone, iPod.There are several buttons layouts for better usability. And Internet surfing fans and social network users will profit the full-size keyboard and touchpad.To begin, connect your STB and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network.Ensure that the remote control option of your set-top box is turned on. (Setting->System settings->Remote control).Compatible with:MAG245MAG245DMAG250MAG254MAG255MAG270MAG275MAG260 (Free)By Infomir via

3) BroView

BroView remote control candles
BroView is the professional client software for DVR,NVR Ipcamera. It support remote proview,remote config,remote snap, two way talk,channel audio,remote ptz control and remote playback etc. (Free)By BroVision via

4) Remote Buddy Express - remote control 100+ apps

Remote Buddy Express - remote control 100+ apps remote control candles
Control more than 100 applications, virtual keyboard and mouse, presentations, media center software and important system settings on your Mac right from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Apple Remote (IR)This is the Express version of our award winning remote control solution Remote Buddy. A feature comparison chart comparing the two versions is available on our website.KEY FEATURES- control 100+ apps on your Mac- Virtual Mouse and Keyboard- Mousespot: highlight important parts of your presentation- one central menu (incl. for switching between apps)- File Browser: browse your filesystem and recently used files, open documents- integrated media library access ... (24.990)By IOSPIRIT GmbH via

5) MobiLinc Remote Universal Remote Control

MobiLinc Remote Universal Remote Control remote control candles
MobiLinc Remote is a simple and streamlined Universal Remote for your entertainment system. Using WiFi and the iTach products from Global Cach, MobiLinc Remote from your iPhone and Today View can simplify and control thousands of entertainment devices from TV`s, to Blu-ray/DVD players, Apple TV and other network streamers, cable/DVR set top boxes, sound/video receivers, and much more.With support of over 150,000 IR codes, MobiLinc Remote is prepared to simplify almost any entertainment system. A typical entertainment system might include some or all of the following equipment:TVCable/DVR or set top boxBlu-ray/DVD playerApple TV or other network based streamerSound amplifierVideo source ... ($19.99)By Mobile Integrated Solutions, LLC via

6) Master Control: DirecTV Remote Control

Master Control: DirecTV Remote Control remote control candles
The easiest and fastest DirecTV remote control for your iOS device. Quickly switch between receivers and see what's playing with beautiful cover art. Stay tuned for more great features. (Free)By Miles Hollingsworth via

7) Remote Buddy Display - screen sharing meets remote control

Remote Buddy Display - screen sharing meets remote control remote control candles
See, hear and control your Mac through Apple TV using Siri Remote as trackpad, remote & keyboard and beaming your Mac's screen contents to Apple TV using Remote Buddy Display's novel, high-speed screen sharing technology.Lean back, connect to your Mac right from your Apple TV and control it with the remote in your hand. Skip the cloud and beam all the photos, presentations, documents and other content on your Mac directly onto the big screen.Turn your Siri Remote into an awesome presentation tool with Mouse Spot. Connect your Apple TV to a projector in your conference room and use it ... (Free)By IOSPIRIT GmbH via

8) Candles Homemade: Start making handmade candles at home

Candles Homemade: Start making handmade candles at home remote control candles
Want to make candles at home? This app is All in One for your handmade candles.FEATURES:- step by step process of main types of candles: Pillar, Votive, Container, Hurricane, Taper and Tealight candle- wax formulas for basic types of candles- all basic information about equipment, materials and supplies- images of candles for inspirationDo you want to discover, how to create beautiful candles of all types. How to create and use any type of wax, to discover wax formulas and start experimenting? This app is ideal point where to start. ($0.99)By Peter Tomasovic via

9) Remote Dock (Remote control for your iPod Player)

Remote Dock (Remote control for your iPod Player) remote control candles
Do you have iPod Speaker or iPod dock ? CoolSo Remote Dock is for you.Remote Dock is the best cool remote control application for iPod Player on iPhone / iPod touch via any web browser.It allows you to control iPhone / iPod touch from laptop / phone / pda (WiFi required) / PC over wifi.You can remotely play, pause, mute, previous, next, skip track and adjust volume for your iPhone or iPod touch via WiFi network.How to use:Just launch the Remote Dock and connect to the service URL which is displayed on the top of the Remote Dock via your ... ($1.99)By Airbots Studio via

10) Scoreboard Remote: Remote Control for ScoreCam

Scoreboard Remote: Remote Control for ScoreCam remote control candles
NOW FREE Meet Scoreboard Remote, the de facto standard for controlling ScoreCam, the only embedded scoreboard video recording app.Features include: - Easily connect to ScoreCam device by tapping the bluetooth icon- Change scores by tapping or swiping up (increase score) or swiping down (decrease score)- Can also be used as a standalone score tracker Requires Bluetooth 4.0 (BTLE) - iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd Generation, iPod Touch 5th generation or newer (Free)By Pachyderm Software via

11) Spot Remote (Remote Control for Spotify)

Spot Remote (Remote Control for Spotify) remote control candles
MAC ONLY (Intel). NOT WINDOWSREQUIRES PLUGIN FOR SPOTIFY. DOWNLOAD AT:www.spotremote.comRemote control Spotify from anywhere. Use Spot Remote to change track on your Spotify Client without having to walk to the computer. Perfect for parties or lazy couch-listeningSpotify and Spot Remote finds each other on the network seamlessly, without any need to enter IP-adresses or go through hard setups. Just click and go.Supports:iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.Play/Pause. Next/Previous song. Volume.Playlists (Requires Spotify Premium)Search for tracks, artists and albums.Search in playlistsShuffle and RepeatCurrent song PlayingCoverartMultiple servers/clients at the same timeiOS 4 multitaskingDesigned ... ($2.99)By Axel Moller via

12) Nam`s Remote - Allround Remote Control

Nam`s Remote - Allround Remote Control remote control candles
"Nams Remote seemed simple at first, but upon closer inspection, the application has the potential to be a huge one-app-fits-all program to controlling several parts of ones computer wirelessly." - Appleiphoneschool"No other remote has the capability or ease of Nams Remote" - Chiz WhizPlease Note:My app works. None of the "bad" reviewers has ever contacted me for help, read the troubleshooting page or even downloaded the server application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: namsremotenambrot.comNam`s Remote is an Allround Remote Control for all your PC`s and Mac`s. So What`s new with Nam`s Remote?It uses ... ($5.99)By Nambrot via

13) iMindControl

iMindControl remote control candles
This is a remote control to control people around you including animals. It helps to cross your fingers. There are 5 mind remote controls.Man mind remote control.Woman mind remote control.Kid mind remote control.Cat mind remote control.Dog mind remote control.Each mind remote control makes sounds including the voice commands based on user`s voice preference, male voice or female voice. ($0.99)By Haluu LLC via

14) Famibot

Famibot remote control candles
With this application program, you can remote control your Famibot completely.1. Remote control your Famibot and let it check around your house to see what happens.2. Remote control the peripherals linked to your Famibot.3. Remote control your Famibot and let it play the entertainment functions.4. Remote set your Famibots control parameters if needed. (Free)By Ecovacs via

15) Armchair Remote - XBMC / Kodi Remote Control

Armchair Remote - XBMC / Kodi Remote Control remote control candles
iPhone and Apple Watch Remote Control for Kodi / XBMC We think our iPhone and Apple Watch app is awesome, but don`t just take our word for it. See what some of our users have to say:"Very impressed with this app. Easy to use due to its intuitive & uncluttered interface. Makes organising & watching films a much simpler experience.""Great app, clean and simple design with a brilliant watch app thrown in. Not sure pausing my movies from my watch will ever feel any less cool""Great app. Does exactly what I`d hoped for. Easy to navigate, smooth transitions, great ... (Free)By Root Digital Ltd via

16) Power Remote Pro - media center remote control with Facebook, Twitter and live feeds

Power Remote Pro - media center remote control with Facebook, Twitter and live feeds remote control candles
Ultimate wireless remote Control for Windows Media Center, Hulu Desktop, Boxee, iTunes, XBMC, PowerPoint and other PC applications. Use integrated Facebook and Twitter clients to follow what your friends are watching, share your media likes and dislikes. Catch up on your favorite web content such as email, news, RSS, blog. Discover new content using MediaGuide and TV Guide - all from within the app Multitask without switching apps or interrupting what`s playing.Power Remote seamlessly merges PC media center remote control with social networking features and live feeds toprovide a truly unique media experience. Replace your multitude of apps for social ... ($1.99)By Sarthak Ray via

17) iJew Candles Pro - Candles for all Jewish Occasions

iJew Candles Pro - Candles for all Jewish Occasions remote control candles
Jewish candles for all occasions No adsChanukahShabbatHavdalaYahrzeitNo adsGet More apps: view all our appsBecome a Fan of my Apps on Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/AppsolutelyGeniusPlease provide feedback if you have any issues or any suggestions you would like to see in future updates.appssellyourmac.comEnjoyhttp://www.facebook.com/AppsolutelyGeniusCheck out our other iPhone Apps: http://www.sellyourmac.com/iphone-apps.html ($0.99)By BRIAN Burke via

18) Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh

Control! Mac - Remote Control, File Browsing and Video Streaming for Macintosh remote control candles
If you want to do more with your Mac than just computing - Control gives you remote control. And - it`s really easyWake up your sleeping Mac by starting controlSee and use all programs in your Mac DockBrowse through all directories of your MacOpen files on your Mac remotelyStart and quit programs on your Mac remotelyOpen documents on your iPhone that are stored on your Mac; send them by mail from your iPhoneWatch movies on your Mac with the remote control in your handWatch your movies on the iPhone (Control offers instant on the fly decoding and optimizing for video ... ($4.99)By BananaGlue GmbH via

19) Remote desktop&TVRemote

Remote desktop&TVRemote remote control candles
Remote3C, a remote control system,supports full PC/TV keyboard PC/TV mouse and TV IR, Control a Windows desktop from an ios device over a WiFi network. realize online collaboration plus resources sharing by simulating remote keyboard, mouse or IR to remote control (such as mobile control TV, mobile control computer, computer remote controlcomputer, etc.)Remote Control,you can remote control computer and TV set through your mobile phoneplease download the server software from the website:http://www.remote3c.com/software/Remote3C_Server_en.rarRemote monitoring ,Mobile phone and PC can monitor video captured by controlled computerremote Meeting / Demoremote desktopRemote mobile phone input method (only TV version) (Free)By JETCENT Technology co., ltd. via

20) iShabbat

iShabbat remote control candles
Want to light Shabbat candles, but not at home or don`t have candles? With iShabbat, you can now light Shabbat candles and participate in this beautiful Jewish tradition no matter where you are.iShabbat features realistic, real-time burning candles that you light and then enjoy with accompanying Shabbat music playing in the background. Leave the application at any time and return later, to see that your candles have continued burning, even while you were away.Features:- Realistic Shabbat Candles with burning time of approximately 2 hours- Candles can be lit with match and matchbook or at the touch of your finger- Choice ... ($1.99)By Shattersoft Inc. via




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