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MSDS Executive

 Import, store, manage, and access your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to protect your employees and insure OSHA compliance. MSDS Executive is a tool to assist organizations in fulfilling their OSHA regulatory requirements. Use this application to import and electronically store material safety data sheets, perform MSDS searches, and automate MSDS renewal requests for manufacturers and suppliers. Reduce administration costs and the risk of errors. MSDS Executive offers three methods to import MSDS: Importation from the Internet, importation from hard disk, an importation of images with scanner. You can also track chemical manufacturers/suppliers, their site locations, contact information, historical actions and status. Track onsite chemcials and compounds. Create Reports. ..


 Pano2exe converts panoramic JPEG images into stand-alone executable programs. It also creates setup packages, can link panoramas between them to make virtual tours and play sounds while the panoramas are running. ..

ALXGrid Control 1.2 by Alexey- Software Download

  The ALXGrid Control is intended for display and change of the data which may be submitted as the table. It is realized as library on basis of MFC classes which are statically connected to the application.The applications wizard also enters into package (with source code) folder ALXGridWiz. It is possible to construct a pattern of the application ..


Click 1.00Business Finance by Alexei Gretchikha - Software Free Download

  Saves money by allowing to automate market orders instead of using expensive limit ..

IDXView 1.0 by Alexey- Software Download

  IDXVeiw is a Windows utility for viewing index files FoxPro (.IDX and .CDX).Opportunities of the program:- viewing files *.IDX (uncompressed and compact) and *.CDX (compound);- a conclusion of structure of a file (heading, tags, nodes, pages);- a conclusion of the information on the chosen node, tag or page (attributes, expression of a key, the list of keys and numbers of records etc.);- a conclusion of contents of the chosen node in Hex a format;- are supported OEM and ANSI codings;- support not only keys having type CHARACTER, but also NUMERIC, DATE etc.). ..

SiteSearch Indexer 2.5 by Marc Reed- Software Download

  SiteSearch Indexer 2.5 is a shareware program that a web author can use to generate a searchable index of their web site. This searchable index is in the form of a client-side Javascri`pt array that can be searched by the included Javascri`pt functions. Since the resultant search is executed via client-side javascri`pt, SiteSearch Indexer is the perfect indexing tool for either the web or even server-less environments like CD-ROM, hard disk or floppy disk.SiteSearch Indexer is best suited for static-html sites rather than sites whose content is database driven, and it requires no server-side programming or installations and requires a minimum of html knowledge to implement. SiteSearch Indexer indexed htm/html, shtm/shtml, asp, jsp, pdf and rtf document.The unregistered version of SiteSearch Indexer will index up to 25 pages while the registered version will index an unlimited number of pages. SiteSearch Indexer 2.5 can be registered for U.S. $30.00. ..

Image Indexer 1.0 by Paessler GmbH- Software Download

  Image Indexer creates a graphical index of all images in a directory. Simply select a directory and Image Indexer creates a index.htm with a image map and ..

Executive Chat Pro 1.0Chat by Grand Lake Networks - Software Free Download

  A text chat program with many added extras. Allows you to host and moderate chat rooms giving you the power to kick, ban and reinstate visitors. Also allows you to control the User Interface by turning on or off the many features such as ignore and whisper. Use it as text chat or with comic chat avitars. Even send messages to alpha-numeric ..

DejaViews USENET Search Client 1.10BNews Readers by Alexei Reatov - Software Free Download

  Makes complex searches in USENET archives as easy as receiving your daily email. It uses DejaNews search engine to retrieve news articles, automatically extracts relevant data and stores the articles locally for offline reading, cleaning and reordering. DejaViews completely replaces DejaNews Web interface and provides the only way to easily retrieve*hundreds* of articles matching your queries and then study them ..

HRESULT Plus 1.01 by Alexei Kvasov- Software Download

  Retrieves and helps you to analyze information about system error message or COM error messages based on the hexadecimal or decimal value entered. In addition to the functionality that is provided by the MS ErrLook utility, HRESULT Plus covers about 2,000 other ..

Alexei Solitaires Collection 1.2.0Cards by Alexei Anoshenko - Software Free Download

  A collection of more than 175 solitaire games. The collection contains as favorite solitaire games, such as Freecell, Klondike, Canfield and other, and there are a lot of original solitaires. The game features 256-color graphics, sound, unlimited undo/redo, statistics for multiple players, selectable backgrounds, automatic card moving and more. Collection includes the Solitaires Editor, which allows to edit existing and to create new ..

Start Button Hacking 1.0 by Alexey Vasilyev- Software Download

  Start Button will begin moving and you can also removeStart Button from your taskbar. Source is ..

SvCom 5.01 by Alexey Dynnikov- Software Download

  The SvCom is service development and security management tool for Delphi 3,4 and 5. Main features: - NT services that work on Win 95/98 too; - debug NT service usnig Delphi - DCOM server that works in the service - DCOM server with pausing capability. - easy to manipulate by Windows NT SIDs, Security Descri`ptors, ACLs, Privileges and so ..


 RemoteExec ..

Auto Files 1.41 by Alexey Surkis- Software Download

  Auto Files is an unusual program that allows you to automate a variety of tasks on your computer. It runs from your system tray and provides the graphical equivalent of a batch programming language to define the details of jobs you want to automate. A point-and-click, wizard-style interface allows you to choose from a wide range of actions. These actions, which are all handled internally by Auto Files, include FTP, email, zipped backups, printing, message display, window manipulation, and send keys. Of course, you can also select external programs to run. Events can be scheduled with a timer, launched with a hotkey, or set to run when specific system changes trigger the event. Other features include logging support and the ability to define custom variables. Auto Files is capable, easy to use, and includes a number of examples to help get you ..

Taskbar Executive 1.1 by HACE- Software Download

  Taskbar Executive is a cool program that finally does something about your taskbar. It will let you launch programs faster and easier than before. But most importantly of all, it addresses the issue of .taskbar clutter.. By introducing group-buttons, it organizes your taskbar-buttons into categories that are incredibly easy to navigate. Also included is a plug-in that will check your email-accounts and report new mail right on the taskbar. ..

Form Extractor 1.1 by Zexer Research- Software Download

  FORM EXTRACTOR allows you to extract forms and data modules (.dfm files) from executables compiled with 32-bit versions of Delphi or C++ ..

Free MSDS Executive Software 2000Miscellaneous by Environmental Support Solutions - Software Free Download

  MSDS Executive was developed as a tool to assist organization.s in fulfilling their OSHA regulatory requirements.This application is used to import and electronically save data sheets, perform searches and automate MSDS renewal requests. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of error and omissions associated with manual operations: mailings, photocopies, binder updates, etc.Here are some of the features offered by MSDS Executive:-The MSDS Executive offers three methods to import visual material datasafety sheets:·Importation from the World Wide Web·Importation for hard disk·Importation of images through scanning functionality (Additional cost)-Track chemical manufacturers/suppliers·site locations·contact information·historical actions·active/inactive status-Track onsite compounds·active/inactive status·manufacturer/vendor·date tracking·automatically create request letters·historical actions-Create ..

Object Explorer Standard/Executive 2.12 by ObjectForce- Software Download

  Object Explorer 2.0 displays applications, libraries, and objects by file directory, hierarchy, or application library. This is the only program around that performs global search and replace throughout an entire application! It*s the simplest and fastest way to search your pibbles for any piece of code you can*t find! Object Explorer 2.0 Standard adds the capability to write code directly inside the editor. Search selection has been increased to include object-type selection. Search results provide more information and the flexibility of replace/undo. Executive provides the incredible feature of multi-search and replace. This feature allows the enterprise to perform consistent migrations among all corporate ..

AZFloatEdit 2.0 by Alexey Zverev- Software Download

 This is Delphi component that provides floating-point or integer numbers input. It has properties to limit inputing numbers, separate (with separating character) or not thousands by separator and more, ability to align text to left, right and center. Also it controls clipboard to protect from pasting incorrect value.This control can be in two modes: insert and override digits. You can change mode programmaticaly or pressing Insert keys. Fractional part is always in override mode. Pressing Left Arrow key you can add zeroes at a begin of number (very useful in financial applications).(*============================================================================*)(* Full list of properties unlike TEdit: *)(* published *)(* Alignment: TAlignment - align text to left, right and center *)(* FracLength: Integer - fractal part length of inputing number *)(* IntegerValue: Boolean - if True, integer numbers input, *)(* if False, floating-point numbers input *)(* MaxValue: Extended - max. number, that can be entered in control *)(* MinValue: Extended - min. number, that can be entered in control *)(* Separated: Boolean - separate or not thousands by thousand separator *)(* Separator: Char - thousands separatin character, *)(* by default - ThousandSeparator system constant *)(* Value: Extended - current value entered in control *)(* public *)(* InsertMode: Boolean - insert or owerride characters *)(* AsInteger: Integer - integer value *)(* *)(*============================================================================*) ..